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Foreign Language
Success Strategies

First Edition, Volume I: August 2006  


Part I - Study Skills and Strategies

Learning Strategies
Principles and Strategies for Memorization
Test-taking Strategies
Reading Comprehension Strategies
Listening Comprehension Strategies
Oral Production (Speaking) Strategies
Grammar Strategies

Part II- English Language Grammar Primer & Exercises

Lesson #1- Nouns, Pronouns, and Noun Equivalents
Lesson #2- Adjectives
Lesson #3- Adverbs
Lesson #4- Verb Conjugation and Tenses
Lesson #5- Prepositions and Prepositional-Positional Phrases
Lesson #6- Subjects and Predicates
Lesson #7- Sentence Structure
Lesson #8- Changes to Basic Sentence Types
Lesson #9- Complex Sentence Structures

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