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 Foreign Language
Success Strategies

First Edition, Volume I: August 2006  

Part II- English Language Grammar Primer & Exercises

Lesson 4

Objective : Upon completion of this lesson, you will:

• Describe the difference between regular and irregular verbs.
• Identify and describe auxiliary and modal verbs.
• Identify and describe the twelve primary verb conjugations.
• Given a sentence, identify and conjugate the main verb in another specified tense.

Verbs are words that show action or existence. Every sentence must have at least one verb. Verbs indicate action by the subject. They may also express existence or description of the subject.

Examples: Bob ate my lunch. (The subject Bob performs the action of the verb ate.)
This lesson is extremely easy. (The subject lesson exists as shown by the verb is.)

The English language has six verb forms: base, infinitive, present, past, present participle, and past participle. Some take endings while the infinitive adds the word to. They are listed in the table below with the changes in bold.


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