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 Foreign Language
Success Strategies

First Edition, Volume I: August 2006  

Part I - Study Skills and Strategies

Foreign Language Learning Strategies
Motivating Learners-Achieving Success with Learning Strategies

Eight Things that We Know about Highly Successful People Who Learn Foreign Languages

• They seek opportunities to use the language outside the classroom.

• They are risk takers and are willing to "look foolish”, if necessary.

• They read about the geography, history, religion, national sports, holidays, and/or customs of countries in which the target language is spoken.

• They study systematically and regularly achieve better results. They learn to observe how they are studying and replace less successful procedures with more successful ones.

• They read about the process of language learning, talk about how to learn with successful learners of foreign languages, and try out creative, individual ways of learning.

• They assess their emotional state and find ways to decrease their anxiety.

• They understand that various languages use different ways to communicate meaning and cannot simply be “translated”.

• They incorporate multiple language learning strategies to improve their performance.

Principles and Strategies for Memorization

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