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Cultural Brochures

The Curriculum Development team at the JBLM Language and Culture Center has created a number of brochures for military use which provide background and cultural references for nations of the world. These brochures are between 25 and 35 pages in length. Each includes history, geography, cultural tips for interacting with the local population, an overview of each nations' military, and a short glossary of rapport-building terms. Currently we have brochures available for the following countries: 

Australia  Bangladesh  Brunei  Cambodia  Chile  Honduras
India  Indonesia  Japan  Kiribati  Korea  Laos  Liberia
Malaysia  Micronesia  Mexico  Mongolia  Nepal  New Zealand
Palau Islands  Philippines  Romania  Singapore  Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka  Taiwan  Thailand  Ukraine  USA  Vietnam

To request any of these brochures, or to request the development of a brochure to support your unit mission, please contact us at with your .mil email address.