Select from any of the following 20 language lessons.

Lesson 1 People and Geography

Lesson 2 Living and Working

Lesson 3 Days of the Week, Numbers, Ages of People

Lesson 4 Daily Activities

Lesson 5 Meeting the Family

Lesson 6 Around Town

Lesson 7 Shopping

Lesson 8 Eating Out

Lesson 9 Holidays, Customs, and Cultural Traditions

Lesson 10 Around the House

Lesson 11 Weather and Seasons

Lesson 12 Personal Appearance

Lesson 13 Transportation

Lesson 14 Travel

Lesson 15 At School

Lesson 16 Recreation and Leisure

Lesson 17 Health and Human Body

Lesson 18 Political and International Events

Lesson 19 The Military

Lesson 20 In the Hospital